Financial Support

Helping those in need

MINDSET provides substantial financial support annually to mental health projects that benefit individuals suffering from mental illness, their carers and their families, to ensure that those in need are getting the most help.


A pilot programme in Hong Kong, ‘MINDSET College’ is an educational platform which provides recovery-focused training and courses on mental health and self-management. As well as offering courses co-produced and co-delivered by both people-in-recovery and professionals, ‘MINDSET College’ also helps students find their own solutions and become experts in self-care by focusing on their potentials and strengths. Through the programme, it is hoped that students can go through a journey where they can pursue opportunities to realise their goals in life and, through the process, learn how to maintain good health.

MINDSET Expression

A three year project commitment, 'MINDSET Expression' uses different themed art projects to foster good mental health and positive psychology for persons recovering from or living with mental illness.

A range of art initiatives are run, including drama and theatre, sand animation workshops, photo projects, choir, band and group music therapy sessions, to engage people in recovery with the community.


MINDSET Place is a home providing a high standard of professional care services for people recovering from chronic mental illnesses. The goal is to provide a positive and caring environment that will aid recovery, and the results to date have been very positive.

With the support of professionals of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, the residents are able to maintain independent living as they go through their recovery journey to gradually reintegrate into the community.

Peer Support Workers Project

Launched in 2012, the Peer Support Workers Project trains those recovering from mental health issues to support others who are undergoing similar challenges.

The Project provides benefits for both the trained Peer Support Workers and the service recipients. To date some 56 Peer Support Workers have been trained and over half of them have subsequently been offered employment by MINDSET's four NGO partners.

In 2016 the Government committed to extending this project across Hong Kong.

Expanded School Mental Health Network in Sichuan

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Sichuan Expanded School Mental Health Network was established following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and supported by MINDSET. Between 2009 and the close of the Network in 2016, MINDSET committed a total of HK$6 million to support the Sichuan project, providing mental health services to students, teachers and their family members and communities in the Wenchuan Yingxiu area.

The project supported social workers dealing first hand with the effects of natural disasters, educating them on disaster prevention and mitigation and how to help those impacted by them, in particular the people of Yingxiu town. It also produced a structure of recovery that can be used in other natural disaster settings.

Support to the Community Chest of Hong Kong

MINDSET works closely with other charitable organisations in raising funds for mental health related causes. Employees from various Group companies supported the activities by donating over HK$235,000 to the Community Chest in 2016/17.