About Eligibility

  • What is the residency requirement for a student to apply for the Scholarships?

    Applicants must be resident in any of the countries or territories in which the Jardine Matheson Group has significant business interests, which primarily include Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

    For residents of the above mentioned countries who are now studying overseas, if they have sufficient connection with any of the countries or territories, they are eligible to apply for the Scholarships.

    Generally, applications will not be accepted from candidates whose parents have not resided in such relevant country or territory for at least seven years prior to the proposed date of entry to University.

  • How should I select the preferred place for first interview?

    First interviews are conducted in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London and Singapore. If an applicant's place of residence is not in these locations, the applicant must select the preferred place for the first interview and ensure that he/she can attend the interview for the period specified. Costs of attending the interview, other than the final interview in Hong Kong, must be borne by the applicant.

  • Can I make an open application rather than applying to the eight preferred Colleges?

    Scholarships will only be granted to applicants who apply for first degree courses from the following preferred Colleges:

    Oxford University – Exeter, Oriel, The Queen's, Trinity
    Cambridge University – Downing, Magdalene, Peterhouse, Trinity

  • If I am awarded other scholarships to study overseas, can I still apply for the Jardine Foundation Scholarships?

    Jardine Scholars may not accept any other scholarships either in name or in substance during the term of the Scholarship from the Jardine Foundation.

  • I already have a first degree, am I eligible to apply for the Jardine Scholarships for a second undergraduate degree course?

    No. The Scholarship aims to support students to pursue their first undergraduate degree or postgraduate degree.

  • If I am studying in Year One of an undergraduate programme, am I eligible to apply for the Scholarships?

    No. We will not consider applicants who are already pursuing an undergraduate programme.

About Requirements

  • What are the basic academic requirements for the Scholarships?

    The selection committee reviews the applications based on the academic requirements of the undergraduate courses at Oxford or Cambridge. All applicants are advised to check the entry requirements for the courses they are applying from the Oxford or Cambridge web pages.

  • Are there any preferences as to the subject of study?

    The Scholarships will be tenable for first degree courses in the following preferred Colleges:

    Oxford University – Exeter, Oriel, The Queen’s, Trinity
    Cambridge University – Downing, Magdalene, Peterhouse, Trinity

    The Scholarships can only cover undergraduate courses for periods of three or four years as appropriate. Applicants have to plan their own budget if the course or subject they have applied for requires more than a longer period of study.

About Application / Selection Procedures

  • Should I apply to Universities first before applications are made to the Scholarships?

    Yes. Applicants should have already applied through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for entry to one of our preferred Colleges at either Oxford or Cambridge Universities. They are required to notify the Secretaries as soon as they receive a firm or conditional offer either through UCAS or from the University.

  • Should I send the scholarship application form myself?

    For applicants attending secondary schools or the equivalent, applications must be submitted directly or through the school principal and be supported by a testimonial signed by the school principal. In all other cases applications must be submitted, together with references, directly or through the principal of the secondary school or the equivalent, which applicants last attended.

  • How can I know if my Scholarship application is being processed?

    Screening processes will commence in the middle of November each year. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the preliminary interviews, which will be a first interview, and in some cases a second interview. Preliminary interviews will take place in November or December.

  • When will I be notified of the results of my interview?

    Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the final interview in late December. Applicants who have not been invited for the final interview by late December should consider their application unsuccessful.

  • What if I am shortlisted, but cannot attend the final interview in Hong Kong?

    Shortlisted candidates from the first or second interviews will be invited to attend a final interview, which will require applicants to attend in person in early January in Hong Kong.

    Applicants who cannot attend the final interview in Hong Kong will not be considered.

  • Will there be any subsidy for my travel and accommodation expenses for the final interview if I am studying outside of Hong Kong?

    The travel and accommodation expenses for the final interview will be borne by the Foundation.


  • Can I apply for jobs during the period of my studies?

    Jardine Scholars shall not accept without consent of the Trustees any employment during their Scholarship periods other than short-term employment during vacations. The Jardine Matheson Group provides opportunities for Jardine Scholars to gain work experience by applying for summer placements within the Group.

About Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies

  • Are there any Scholarships for postgraduate studies?

    The Foundation considers a limited number of applications for scholarships for postgraduate studies. Generally, the Foundation does not accept direct application but only seeks postgraduate candidates through its preferred Colleges at Oxford and Cambridge Universities among those individuals who have been accepted by the Universities. The selection is expected to take place in April/May every year.