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Jardine Matheson recognises the urgent need to address climate change and protect biodiversity, and that combatting the clearance of conservation-value forests across the world is important to tackling both these challenges. We support efforts by governments in Asia and around the world to promote biodiversity, and have recently sent a letter to the UK Government supporting proposed UK legislation aimed at ensuring that companies only use responsibly sourced ‘forest risk’ commodities in their supply chains. You can find a copy of the letter here.

Vol. 1 2020 Thistle Magazine

One of the world’s largest international airports would appear to be an unlikely breeding ground for innovative sustainability programmes but Hactl is challenging that notion with creative initiatives that are improving their bottom line, corporate reputation and team spirit.

Vol. 3 2019 Thistle Magazine

Vietnam’s ‘red hot’ economic growth has captured the attention of investors and business reporters alike, and this story shares more about Vietnam’s remarkable transformation and potential new growth opportunities for Group businesses in the country.

Vol. 2 2019 Thistle Magazine

Astra is moving fast to embrace Indonesia’s significant digital opportunity in both the consumer and industrial sectors. This story shares more about Astra’s digital plan and focus areas in the near and medium future.

Vol. 1 2019 Thistle Magazine

Constantly innovating and adapting to stay aligned with market trends has been one of the major growth drivers for Jardines for more than 185 years. Meeting this challenge in the digital age is a priority for the Innovate Jardines team, and this story spotlights their about areas of expertise, the support offered to Group businesses and operations, and opportunities and challenges ahead.

Vol. 3 2018 Thistle Magazine

As a company deeply rooted in Asia, with a 186-year history and more than 440,000 employees, Jardines has seen this dynamic region change beyond recognition. The constant is the Group’s diversity and unique core values that provide a rich legacy to draw lessons upon.

Vol. 2 2018 Thistle Magazine

Mainland China continues to be a major engine for growth for Hongkong Land. Since 2017, the company has made seven new land and project acquisitions, expanded its business presence into three new cities – Wuhan, Nanjing and Hangzhou – and opened its first luxury lifestyle destination in Beijing. The company has further expanded its existing footprint in Chongqing, the largest city in south-western China and home to Hongkong Land’s greatest concentration of projects in mainland China.

Vol. 1 2018 Thistle Magazine

A more customer-centric approach is the focus for Zung Fu as it rises to the challenges being brought about by the impact of disruptive technologies on the global automotive industry. It is predicted that the industry will experience more disruption in the next decade than it has in the last 50 years driven by four main areas of change - Connectivity, Autonomous driving, Shared and Services and Electric cars.

Vol. 3 2017 Thistle Magazine

As one of Indonesia's largest business groups, with operations across the country and a presence in many major sectors of the economy, Astra is well positioned to benefit from Indonesia's economic growth, infrastructure development and natural resources.

Vol. 2 2017 Thistle Magazine

Creating the Workplace of the Future In today's rapidly changing global marketplace, modern organisations are embracing technology in order to keep their businesses relevant, competitive and successful. Nowhere is this more important than in a most crucial element of any business: the recruitment and retention of top-quality people.

Vol. 1 2017 Thistle Magazine

It has a population of 625 million people and boasts some of the world's most impressive growth rates along with a young, free-spending populace increasingly showcasing their fast-rising affluence. What new Asian Tiger economy is this? The answer is none of them, but rather the collective region of Southeast Asia.

Vol. 3 2016 Thistle Magazine

Innovate Jardines is the Group's exciting new initiative aiming to inspire and promote innovation, particularly the use of technologies, across the Group. Launched by Group Managing Director Ben Keswick in July 2016, it is set against a backdrop of the increasing impact technology is having on our businesses and the urgent need for our people to take on an innovative mindset in order to keep our businesses relevant.

Vol. 2 2016 Thistle Magazine

As consumer demands evolve, retailers are adapting to meet the increasing expectations and capitalise on opportunities that could future-proof their businesses. This means that consumers are primed to benefit with more choices, insights and power.

Vol. 1 2016 Thistle Magazine

As the world's largest trader and with an economy that is contributing 25% to global GDP growth, China is having a greater impact on the global economy than at any other time during its modern history. Closer to home that impact is reflected in China's growing importance to the Jardine Matheson Group, which today manages investments in Greater China of some US$36 billion, of which over US$8 billion is in mainland China. As we enter the New Year, we look at China's prospects and how the Group can grasp the opportunities being presented by this developing economic powerhouse.

Vol. 3 2015 Thistle Magazine

A decade ago, social media was practically unknown. Today almost one billion people have Facebook accounts and Tencent has 800 million accounts in China alone, while technologies such as the mobile internet are allowing millions of people in remote areas of developing regions to leapfrog into the 21st-century global economy. The impact of new technologies means that business is changing fundamentally, and the pace of change is accelerating.

Vol. 2 2015 Thistle Magazine

Last year was a pivotal one in the history of Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) with a number of significant initiatives enhancing the stature and positioning of the group. JLT established a specialty insurance brokerage in the US, formed one of the world's leading specialty insurance businesses by merging JLT Specialty and Lloyd & Partners and created a dynamic new force in the global reinsurance market with the ongoing integration of JLT Re and Towers Watson Re, which it acquired in late 2013.

Vol. 1 2015 Thistle Magazine

For over 45 years, Jardine Restaurant Group (JRG), a part of Jardine Pacific, has been driving the growth of international brands Pizza Hut and KFC in markets across Asia, stimulating the changing tastes of consumers and their increasing desire for casual dining restaurants, quick service menus and takeaway and delivery services. Today, as one of the leading restaurant groups in Asia, JRG operates over 680 outlets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Macau with more than 21,200 employees.