Fundraising & Financial Support

The funds that we raise through donations and various fundraising activities are used to invest in programmes that provide direct services and support to people experiencing mental ill-health, their carers, as well as their families.

Below are a few of the fundraising initiatives organised across the Group and some key funded projects:

Walk Up Jardine House

Walk Up Jardine House is one of the best known fund raising events organised by MINDSET. Hundreds of Jardines' colleagues, business associates, families, secondary school students and friends walk or run up the 49 floors of Jardine House to raise funds for MINDSET.

The 2019 Walk Up Jardine House event raised HK$3.4 million.

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Group companies are also active in organising fund raising initiatives in support of MINDSET.

Hongkong Land's signature event, the CENTRAL Rat Race, involves teams of executives from some of Hong Kong's leading companies dressed in business attire or creative costumes and running shoes, racing around the Central Business District, while navigating different obstacles.

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A pilot programme in Hong Kong, ‘MINDSET College’ is an educational platform which provides recovery-focused training and courses on mental health and self-management. As well as offering courses co-produced and co-delivered by both people-in-recovery and professionals, ‘MINDSET College’ also helps students find their own solutions and become experts in self-care by focusing on their potentials and strengths. Through the programme, it is hoped that students can go through a journey where they can pursue opportunities to realise their goals in life and, through the process, learn how to maintain good health.

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MINDSET Place is a home providing a high standard of professional care services for people recovering from chronic mental illnesses. The goal is to provide a positive and caring environment that will aid recovery, and the results to date have been very positive.

With the support of professionals of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, the residents are able to maintain independent living as they go through their recovery journey to gradually reintegrate into the community.