Value of Scholarships

  • Each Scholarship awarded will generally be sufficient to cover fees, tuition, the cost of necessary books and equipment, board and lodging (preferably on a living-in basis where this is available at the University), and reasonable living expenses and travel expenses to and from the University at the beginning and at the end of the course in respect of which the Scholarship is awarded.
  • The Scholarship will include :
    • university tuition fees payable directly to the University;
    • college fees excluding board and lodging payable directly to the College;
    • an annual stipend to cover board and lodging and all other incidental expenses (subject to the discretion of the Trustees, the stipend will be payable in four instalments and the first instalment being larger to cover initial costs);
    • the cost of the UK Immigration Health Surcharge; and
    • a standard economy class airfare to be reimbursed at cost to the Scholar from the place of residence to the United Kingdom at the beginning of the Scholarship and for the return journey to the place of residence on completion of the Scholarship period.
  • In cases of financial hardship, the Trustees may, in their absolute discretion, make arrangements by way of supplemental awards, loans or such other means as they may think fit to assist Jardine Scholars in meeting their essential expenses.