Goal and Objectives

Through MINDSET, we are able to express care and concern for people with or recovering from mental illness and service users also appreciate that they are being looked after — by the community and by Jardines. With patient support activities and Job Training Programmes, MINDSET aims to enhance the public's understanding and promote their acceptance of people suffering from mental illness.

Job Training Programme

The Job Training Programme aims to provide training opportunities within the Group to rehabilitated individuals to help them reintegrate into society. Group companies offer to service users training opportunities or contract term employment ranging from a few weeks to one year.

Currently, there are 25 training positions across the Group.

Jardine Ambassadors organize workshops inviting mental health professionals to explain to Jardines managers about how to work with the rehabilitated.

Activities to Promote Inclusion

The Jardine Ambassadors organize a wide range of activities such as the MINDSET Talent Show and Christmas parties to help enhance the work, social and self-care skills of those who suffer or have recovered from a mental illness, in collaboration with the partnering NGOs and hospitals.