Promotion at Group Companies

MINDSET launched its new 'Promotion at Group Companies' initiative in June 2015. It aims to increase awareness of MINDSET and mental health related issues across the Jardine Matheson Group.

Promotion across the Group

MINDSET Facebook page

Facebook has proved to be an effective social media channel for communications to various stakeholders. The MINDSET Facebook page helps to promote MINDSET activities, recruit participants, and share mental health related news and information.


Three MINDSET newsletters were published in 2016 and circulated to over 37,000 Group employees via email and posted onto Group Companies' notice boards. The e-newsletters featured useful tips on how to reduce stress, and provided event highlights of the MINDSET activities.

Promotion within the Business Units

Two mental health talks were held at Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong in 2016. The talks featured tips on stress management, stress test and stress relief exercise conducted by psychologists. Twenty colleagues and friends of the hotel also participated in two Mini-MINDSET Days and spent time with the service users from Castle Peak Hospital during sand animation workshops.

At Mannings Hong Kong, 35 employees joined dietitian-led workshops and lunch sessions to learn how to de-stress through healthy eating.