Community Awareness and Fund Raising

MINDSET provides financial support to mental health related projects and NGOs in Hong Kong and mainland China. MINDSET also works closely with other charitable organizations in organizing joint fund raising initiatives that generate funds and solicit community support for mental health related causes. 

Walk Up Jardine House

Walk Up Jardine House is one of the best known fund raising events organized by MINDSET. The Walk Up Jardine House 2016 broke record by raising over HK$3.3 million to fund the promotion of mental health in the community with the aim of reducing the stigma associated with people suffering from mental illness. Hundreds of Jardines’ staff, business associates, families, Health in Mind school students and friends walked or ran up the 49 floors of Jardine House to raise funds for MINDSET.

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Group companies are also active in organizing fund raising initiatives in support of MINDSET.  The signature event organized by Hongkong Land draw the participation of executives from many of Hong Kong’s leading companies in overcoming the obstacles of a challenging course to race around the Central Business District to raise awareness about mental health and MINDSET.


The annual MINDSET Fun Day organized by the Jardine Ambassadors help raise mental health awareness across the Group and increase the acceptance of people with a mental illness.

Noonday Gun

Individuals or organizations who donate a specified sum to MINDSET may fire the Jardines Noonday Gun, a tradition that dates back to the very early days of Hong Kong.

Contributions from Group Companies

In addition to contributions made through Walk Up Jardine House and the CENTRAL Rat Race, Group companies made cash donations of over HK$3.5 million to MINDSET in the year 2015/16. Maxim's Caterers also made a generous donation of HK$1 million to MINDSET.